Re-Designing the Taproom

Well it’s been a ridiculously long period of time from the last post (The Build-Out: Part II) and we left you hanging a bit. It was at least partly because we didn’t feel like our build out was complete up until now. Finally we have a taproom that is aligned to who we are and what we care most about. We opened with a bit of a blank canvas vibe going on. There was lots of white... too much white.

As you might expect, opening was hectic. We opened later than we’d hoped and money was tight. When it came to interior design, we basically did what we could to get our doors open. There's also something to be said for the difficulty of making decisions in a group. The three of us all felt really good about what the taproom should look like -- at least at a high level. Though, once we got to the individual, granular decisions, it became more difficult. We were all passionate and brought our own unique preferences. As a group of 3, we vote on decisions a lot of the time… that doesn’t work so well with design. The last thing we wanted was a disjointed, sloppily put together space. That led us to leaving it as a blank canvas, intending to add accents as we rolled along. After lots of deliberating, we realized that we could use the help of a pro.

Mapping out the new floorplan

Enter Stephanie Durston. In hindsight, it seems like such a no-brainer to have a professional interior designer help us -- but that was probably in large part due to how amazing Stephanie is at her job. She understood our vision immediately and stepped in swinging. She gave us some excellent examples of elements that would work and cautioned us against some we should avoid (even if the three of us loved them!). The best part was that she instilled a huge amount of confidence in us that we were making our taproom better and more aligned to what we’re all about.

Gone are the white chairs, cold tables and blank walls. With Steph’s help, we introduced elements that tie us, as individuals, to the coast, and gave the taproom a vibe that was more similar to your friend’s living room rather than an art gallery or airport cafeteria.

Here are some examples and progress pics!

The lower bar comes out

Fireplace goes in.

Paint Party!

There was a bit of a lack in seating for a few days... thanks for being troopers!

Our friend Glen (aka Illy) is a local trail builder and made this amazing piece for us: a mountain biking inspired coffee table. The stools are Hemlock and Cedar that he cut for us and we finished off by stripping the bark, sanding and sealing (which took far longer than expected).

The fireplace warms up the place super well (both figuratively and literally). With the projector opposite the couch, it's a pretty unbeatable spot to catch Hockey Night in Canada or Sunday Football.

We projected part of our logo on the wall and traced it on. It's nice having a wider variety of seating options too. The space flows way better than before.

An homage to some of the best spots on the coast -- the lakes.

New merch area made of recycled pallet wood. Nice work Neil!

The new long table is great for Trivia nights and community events.

All in all, we couldn't be more excited about the new space. Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way!


Stephanie Durston, principal of Durston Design, specializes in residential homes and is currently booking for 2018. Check her out her fantastic work at

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