People of Tapworks: Neil Bergman


Neil "Nasty Neil" Bergman


Brewer/Operations Manager. Lately I’ve dusted off some of my plumbing tools and have been busy working on our glycol system for our production expansion. Yes - some shiny, bigger tanks are coming soon!!

Favourite Tapworks Beer

Stormrider is one of my all time favs but I like to get into our small batches for the short while they are on tap. So currently the Rye Stout is my go to.

Favourite thing(s) about living on the Coast

The beaches and the mountains are high on my list, but so are the people. People seem to care more about each other in a small town than in a bigger city. Moving here and setting up a business that locals cared about has been an awesome experience.

Where can we find you when you’re not at Tapworks?

Mountain biking in Langdale or Roberts Creek or at my house trying to make it look nicer!

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